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The Lodge will enforce the following rules to insure that all Brothers and Candidates have a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Your cooperation is absolutely essential to keeping the weekend emergency-free.

  • Do not arrive before 4:00pm.  The gates will be locked; you will not be able to enter.  In the past, those arriving early have created problems in the layout of the campsites and chapter area headquarters.  While this is a youth run event, it is not necessary – or desired – that a Scout leave school early.
  • Thanks to past service projects by chapters, the east side of the main asphalt road will be open to head-in parking.  The road can be rough, be cautious!  Signs will be posted on the west side of this road prohibiting stopping or parking.  We would like this road to be open for two-way traffic.
  • No parallel parking on or next to the main road.
  • Please make use of the expanded areas of the camporee field west of the power cut for camping and parking.
  • The power cut road is open for one-way traffic only.  Head-in parking is allowed on both sides.
  • Do not drive on the camporee field. Nobody wants to sleep in your tire ruts.
  • No traffic will be allowed in the camporee field area from 7-11pm on Saturday.  If you need to leave during this time, move your car to the designated area past the Rand Building prior to the closure time.
  • No individuals are allowed in the back of trucks.
  • The S-F Ranch speed limit is 20 M.P.H.  Due to the large number of people in camp, please drive at a slower speed and use caution when driving on the roads near the camporee area.  Slow down on gravel roads, “One Scout’s life is worth your time, please slow down”.  The speed limit will be strictly enforced.


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