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The Order of the Arrow and Shawnee Lodge are at their core, a service organization. Shawnee Lodge has always invested in our camps, making them some of the best in the nation, and this year we’re giving back more than ever. Over the past number of years, Shawnee Lodge has advertised service for brothers who have already gone through their Ordeal during the day at Fall Reunion, but his year, that is being well organized. Below is information and interest forms for two service opportunities with Fall Reunion. Before the weekend, and during the weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and making substantial contributions to a camp that means so much to all of us!

During Weekend Service

Shawnee Lodge is looking for any number of brothers who are interested in giving back to S-F Scout Ranch during Fall Reunion. Interested volunteers will be doing work to help prep our 90th Anniversary site, and helping out in our other projects, doing more technical work such as structure building and painting. Volunteers should indicate that they are interested in During Weekend Service when checking out and include any relevant skills they have.

Pre-Weekend Service

Shawnee Lodge is looking for around 10 people to come down early to the Ranch to help with the typical setup for Fall Reunion. We’re looking for help preparing service projects for candidates on Saturday, and the main camping areas. The lodge will be providing meals and cabin housing during the pre-work, and the weekend for those who can help. You must be 18 or older to come down early to help. Below is an interest form for this opportunity. After you fill out the form, you’ll be contacted by our Fall Reunion or Service project coordinator to finalize the plans.

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